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Don’t miss the most basic SEO task

18th Jun 2024 | Quick Tips

Meta descriptions say a lot about your company. That’s kinda the point of them, and it’s worth getting them right.

A meta description, or snippet, is the text that appears under the website page title when a company is searched for in a browser.

On searching for well known misogynist James Watt’s new business (because I couldn’t bear to watch the video that flashed up on my Linkedin feed or read the cult-like comments underneath but I’m curious enough to find out what it is), I noticed he hasn’t even bothered with one of the most basic SEO tasks, writing a meta description. For his HOMEPAGE no less.

Basic SEO - an example of what not to do
If you don’t write a snippet, search engines will write one for you, and here the engine has grabbed this snazzy sounding picture title. (Nice edited stock pic mister marketing genius!).

It doesn’t look good, and it does say a lot about your business when you miss the absolute basics.

At Razorbill, well written snippets are included as standard. Obviously.