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Disc Laptop 1

The brief for this one was “make it much cooler than your average college/uni website!”

Dance Inc. Studio Centre is a dance college offering full time courses to those looking to start a career in professional dance.

Luke had an adventure tour website he was a bit unhappy with, it wasn’t a great user experience, so we went for a full redesign and implemented a smoother booking process.

This site (and Luke’s tours!) really shows off what this beautiful country of ours has to offer.

Luke Laptop 1
Securastore Laptop

Securastore badly needed a site redesign and at first, I thought “how am I going to make containers look good?”. Turns out it was pretty easy and I ended up really enjoying working on this one!

Lovely family team to work with, I’d trust them to store my possessions for sure 🙂

Paratus Commercial Services Ltd had been working off a simple holding page since inception, so needed help creating a website to fit their brand.

They offer commercial consultancy, training and support services to all kinds of businesses and their workshops are highly recommended!

Paratus Laptop
Davidson Laptop 1

Iain of Davidson Clothing came to me looking for a new website that better showcased his brand and his services, mainly the supply of premium workwear and uniforms. So of course I couldn’t resist using some textured fabric backgrounds in the design.

Definitely give Iain a shout if you have any workwear needs!

This one was my first collab, with a design from Flux Creative and a request to build and go live within 2 days! Which was, erm, challenging to say the least…

Andrew is king of networking, be sure to hit up KLT if you want to win more business.

KLT Networking
Kinetic First Aid Training

A startup business sometimes just needs a one pager to get things rolling with an online presence – Keith was already getting enquiries through word of mouth but wanted to move to the next step.

Kinetic offer a range of first aid training courses, focusing on teaching with engaging, enjoyable, “hands-on” methods.

Never going to pass up an opportunity to support the local music scene!

Whisky Por Favor are a Spanish/Scottish guitar duo who play regular gigs in Scotland, London and Spain and if you get the chance to see them – do it.

Whisky Por Favor
Bennview IT Services
Bennview IT had a DIY website and was looking for something that better represented the business as a modern IT services company.

I found few IT websites which weren’t “lacking” so I went with my own idea of what an IT services website should look like!

A local award winning artist wanted to redesign a wordpress site that was bloated and no longer functioning as it should be. I started from scratch using her old content using a clean modern look to make the art really speak for itself.

Kate Laptop