Blog: Sans Bullshit

A blog with as little bull and as much razorbill as possible!

Each post will will have a tl;dr at the top so you don’t have to wade through the bullshit, and the rest will be useful info in as few words as can be managed. Enjoy.

An honest word on website updates

An honest word on website updates

Website updates - it's your decision TL;DR ► Updates are best carried out on a staging site, checking each one carefully, some time after the update has been released and in conjunction with other updates. ► Auto-updates are an option but carry risk of site breaking....

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Why hiring a web designer saves money

Why hiring a web designer saves money

Why hire a web designer rather than attempt it yourself? TL;DR ► Because you won’t end up with a professional looking website. ► Because you’ll pile way more time into it than you think (your time is valuable and better spent doing stuff you're actually good at). ►...

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